About Waldschänke Ciders + Coffee

The cider industry is unique in its own right, but we still strive to operate things a little differently here at The Waldschänke. We primarily make Swiss-style cider, which is traditionally less carbonated and unfiltered. This process allows the drinker to taste the purity and complexities of the ingredients used to create our unique and delicious ciders. Why Swiss cider, you ask? We pull our inspiration from Grandpa George (AKA Grösspapa), who assisted in digging out the fermentation cellar for the original Waldschenke in Romanshorn, Switzerland, during WWII. By using his original recipe as a base, we have been able to expand the world of ciders by creating a variety of incredible recipes ranging from dry to sweet, all with unique and never-before-tasted flavors such as our Hot Fuzz (peach habanero), Prickly Pear Punch (made from the locally-sourced cactus flower), and our Mad Lion (cold brew coffee-infused). On top of our unique recipes, we also offer a unique atmosphere. Since we opened just 5 months before the COVID pandemic hit, one of our goals quickly became to provide a safe, comfortable, and unique place for friends and families to gather and enjoy each other’s company over a refreshing pint of cider and delicious European comfort food. Much like the tumultuous times of WWII that George endured, where people sought places of peace and refuge, we too strive to provide a place where- no matter what challenges the world around us presents- people can still come to our place to relax and feel loved, listened to, and cared for. Not only is our product unique, but our history and motivations are as well. We can also show that we are certified and certificate holders thanks to our certificates, which include those from Denver Westword, USA Today, Denver Westword Readers' Choice Best Cidery in Denver 2021, Denver Westword Readers' Choice Best Cidery in Denver 2022, and Denver Westword Readers' Choice Best New Coffeehouse in Denver 2022. Visit Waldschänke Ciders + Coffee right away to learn more about our store.